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GREEN Protein Mix

  • high protein
  • fiber, spiruline, green tea
  • acerola
  • stevia
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Green Protein Mix is a product based on a mixture of vegetable proteins:

  • pea protein – protein with a typical amino acid profile of legumes,
  • hemp protein – protein with a characteristic green color obtained from hemp seeds,
  • rice protein – gluten-free cereal protein.

The blend of vegetable proteins is a great source of supplementing the diet with protein. Furthermore it is an alternative to dairy products. It also provides fiber, including inulin (natural prebiotic) as well as a blend of extracts and powdered green vegetables and fruits, such as: spirulina, green tea and Acerola.

FLAVOURS: apple.

PACKAGE: sachet 30 g (dosplay 20 sachets).

METHOD OF USE: Dissolve the sachet contents in 200 ml of water.

INGREDIENTS: Vegan blend: pea protein isolate (40%), powdered hemp protein (30%), rice protein (10%); green blend (8%): powdered spirulina, powdered grass barley, powdered wheat grass, powdered chlorella, powdered medick, Acerola extract, green tea extract, grape seeds extract, powdered broccoli, powdered spinach, powdered apple, powdered cabbage, powdered artichoke, powdered avocado juice, matcha from green tea, powdered watermelon, powdered ginger root; inulin; powdered apple; natural flavours; acidity regulator: citric acid; sweeteners: steviol glycosides and sucralose.

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