High protein (WPC) oatmeal & rice flakes. The product with a low glycemic index, contains fruits lyophilisates. The proposition of a light and nutritious breakfast.

I’M FIT – LESS THAN 1000 kcal IN 5 MEALS!

50 g sachet = 13 g of protein = 26% protein per serving.
1 serving 50 g is 188,5 kcal.

FLAVOURS: with strwberries, with banana.

PACKAGE: sachet 50 g (display 10 sachets).

METHOD OF USE: Mix the sachet content with 200 ml of water, milk or yogurt (you may also use hot water). Wait 1 minute to have soft flakes.

INGREDIENTS: oatmeal (containing gluten), rice flakes (containing gluten), whey protein concentrate (from milk including lactose), flavours, freeze-dried strawberry 2%, acidity regulator: citric acid, thickener: xanthan gum, sweetener: sucralose, colourant: natural cochineal. May contain derivatives of soybeans.

I’m Fit is the authorized Activlab’s product line for active, athletic, gym-goers looking for a healthy and slim figure.

I’m Fit is 6 high protein products: with low sugar content, high protein content, fat and aspartame free – all of that served in easy sachets.