A daily portion of magnesium in a single tablet!
Dietary supplement

Properties: Magnesium Vit B6 Activlab Pharma is a product of high magnesium content, with vitamin B6 added, in the form of delicious, raspberry-flavoured effervescent tablets. It is a great way to ensure adequate level of magnesium in your body.

• instrumental in reducing a sense of tiredness and fatigue
• helps maintain electrolytic balance within the body
• enhances the nervous system function
• enhances the muscles function

Magnesium supplementation is especially recommended:
• for coffee lovers and strong tea drinkers
• when highly irritable, stressed out, and fatigued
• during increased physical exertion and mental effort
• for muscle relaxation (e.g. nightly leg muscle cramps)

PACKAGE: 20 raspberry-flavoured, effervescent tablets.

The effervescent form of the product ensures fast and high bioavailability of magnesium and vitamin B6.