Complete nutritional diet.

Dietary food for special medical purposes.

Indications: For dietary management in malnutrition related to a disease, e.g. cancer and in persons:
• chronically ill
• convalescing after surgical interventions
• elderly
Properties: A foodstuff complete in terms of its nutritional composition, formulated in full consideration of bodily nourishing requirements during periods of convalescence after surgical interventions, in a state of malnutrition, or when suffering from a debilitating disease.
RecoMed contains all the necessary nutrients: protein, carbohydrates, fat, dietary fibre, and a complete set of vitamins and minerals. Its concentrated form facilitates easy administration and does not additionally burden the patient’s body, while protein is the highest quality whey protein concentrate (WPC) of  the BV 104 biological value rating. The protein’s amino acid composition has also been optimized by supplying the amino acids in the proportions effectively enhancing its overall nutritional value, i.e. ensuring optimal proportions of essential amino acids (EAA), as recommended for a daily dietary intake by World Health Organization (WHO).

PACKAGE: 6 sachets x 65 g.

FLAVORS: netural, strawberry, vanilla.