We are constantly on the lookout for the most effective ways of shaping the body and musculature. And who wouldn’t be tempted to enhance his physique and accelerate the growth of lean body mass? That’s why we strive to devise the best muscle pump, with a view to enhancing the muscle regeneration process, and a supply of anabolic elements to the muscles. As corroborated by various research studies, the ingredients contained in a beetroot may well be a perfect complement to the diet of professional athletes, as well as all those extra keen on body sculpting. An adequately formulated supplement, applied prior to commencing any physical exertion, may be an effective pre-workout agent capable of appreciably enhancing overall performance and effectiveness of the training sessions.

Legal doping – beetroot juice fortified with citrulline


The key to muscle growth is the metabolic changes that occur within them. The ingredients supplied from the outside affect the body and actually help shape the musculature upon application of an appropriate training methodology. Body building  athletes are constantly on the lookout for the best ways of achieving muscle hypertrophy. It has been proven that regular use of training loads combined with  stimulating the synthesis of nitric oxide (NO) can be a perfect way of achieving this condition. Physical exertion, nutrients (their availability) and other nutritious components supplied to the body, including the muscles, are responsible in a way for an effective conditioning of our capabilities.

An enhanced transport is therefore going to be conducive to making use of the supplied components. Stimulating the secretion of NO results in the dilation of blood vessels, consequently increasing the flow of the growth, anti-catabolic, regenerative and nutritional components. Obviously enough, the muscles are also supplied with larger amounts of blood and oxygen. This in turn results not only in appreciably enhancing the regeneration mechanism and securing much better anabolic conditions, but also in increasing overall muscle volume. Bigger muscles means stronger muscles. Along with increasing the growth of muscle tissue, the physical parameters, e.g. strength, also get enhanced in the process.

Until recently, the most effective method of increasing the secretion of NO consisted in supplying the extra amounts of the arginine amino acid / AAKG from outside the system. Briefly speaking, it was all about securing this reaction:

arginine -> citrulline + NO                                                                                   

The role of citrulline is also well-worth highlighting. In principle, it is the  product of the reaction associated with arginine oxidation. Besides, when supplied  from outside the system, it is well capable of effectively supporting the secretion of NO in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions, while boosting the muscle pump phenomenon. Interestingly, it also acts as a precursor for creatine, thanks to which ATP (adenosine – tri – phosphate) re-synthesis works far more efficiently as the  carrier of energy and energy molecules. Furthermore, citrulline, when supplied in an adequate form, supports the removal of lactates and muscle recovery after hard training.

            With a view to meeting the expectations of professional athletes and those extra keen on body sculpting, the properties of compounds contained in the beetroot have attracted scientific interest. Making use of beetroot extracts in the dietary supplements seems quite reasonable in view of the nitrates and betaines they contain. It is also worth mentioning at this point that nitrates have long been used in addressing the erection problems, or in treating the ischemic heart disease. Proper activity of the NOS synthase enzyme acting as a catalytic enzyme, as well as the presence of arginine, citrulline and oxygen, exert a stimulating effect on the heart, while at the same time being of appreciable use for the muscles; not only in view of the above-referenced properties. It is also worth saying that along with the muscle pump phenomenon and the expansion of blood vessels, energy storage capacity is also increased.

Besides, the more intense and exhaustive are the trainings, the more intensive are the processes within the body. An increased concentration of hydrogen ions H+ takes place then. Under such conditions, the acidity within the system increases, while the oxygen level is driven down. This in turn reduces the activity of the catalyzing enzyme (NOS). Essentially, the stimulation of NO secretion is not only about a muscle pump, but also exerts a positive effect on the insulin pathway, secretion of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), and follistatin. The nitrates contained in the beetroot extracts may be a perfect complement to the stimulation of NO secretion. Primarily due to the fact that arginine supplied in large quantities is arrested and subsequently broken down by the liver, prior to ending up in the bloodstream.

Interestingly, the body may basically make use of the two routes of nitric oxide secretion. This turns out to be particularly helpful in view of the path that arginine has to follow, and the instability of NO itself (here citrulline appears to be of tangible assitance). The first option is the one we have briefly mentioned earlier on, whereas the second one envisages acquiring this compound out of the nitrates. Which in turn is referred to as the pathway independent of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) enzyme. Briefly speaking, it is about omitting the activity of this enzyme and an effective secretion of NO.

This is mainly about the condition of the blood vessels and the muscles, more specifically: hemoglobin and myoglobin. It is the extent of oxygen and iron saturation that actually determines overall efficiency of NO secretion. So, when the oxygen concentration drops below the level required for the reaction, making use of the nitrates becomes essential for the muscles. Nitric oxide is a rather unstable compound, so by far the best solution is to secure as many NO molecules as possible. It would then be quite prudent to focus our attention on arginine, citrulline, and, above all, on the nitrates!

Author: Janusz Ziółkowski – nutrition expert
Website address: mojecialo.com