Cycling has gained the status of one of the most frequently chosen forms of exercise in Poland. On the level of growth, there is no preparation, no preparation, and no need for fitness. The low performance threshold in sports complements the regular training features. To get to the next level, it is necessary to look at both the diet and supplementation. What does cyclist supplementation look like? What active substances will be useful in training and what changes will bring their result. We check!

What does cyclist supplementation look like

Support in maintaining the form of activity must support the person. The different disciplines of the discipline burden the organisms in a different way and the particular preparations that have been written in order to take advantage of the causes for our users.

In the case of cyclists, the most important aspect of supplementing the directives is with improved exercise results. If we are in the saddle, we will have to move – as long as we do not move – we want to ride a more expensive route, whether you want to enter, and with frequent use of the service.

Cycling balloons shaken professionally, straining the heart muscle and joints. It is strictly adhered to for sports, therefore working on better results focusing on control, improving the handling of the legs, buttocks and Corps, and providing more care for protection.

Replenishment in this sport is always done before, during and after training. The most popular preparations that are associated with cycling include energy gels, which can be instant drains, fluids that help to hydrate the body, and preparations that improve results or systems and fluid systems on Wodziście.

However, there are more supplements in this group! We will present the best solution below. However, let’s start from the beginning of the supplementation task.

What is the role of supplementation of the cyclist?

Riders reach for a choice after preparation for several different reasons. They also choose products for banking conditions, drums with age, health and endurance.

The most important goals of supplementation in this sport are supplementation with:

  • Improving the body’s efficiency
  • Increasing the effectiveness and length of training
  • Reduction of muscle acidification during and training
  • Faster regeneration of the conduction muscle i
  • Instant energy replenishment
  • Protection, Protection and Bones
  • Raising the security in the fall and fall season
  • Controlling the body’s hydration

What ingredients do you need in supplements for cyclists?

In order to materialize, he made a contribution to the resources that had to be sought in the preparations for the cyclists. Of course, such as Magnesium, Vitamin C D3 are available on the market in the form of universal products, however, we encourage you to look at the supplement products offered by this particular discipline, often constituting one, tools, tools that are often supported by goals. They are designed to improve them, provide synergy, and complement amplification, bringing improved user benefits.

  • Electrolytes – a solution of salt to maintain salt production, which ensures the quality of the body’s hydration (in the form of drinks, you get drinks, lozenges or drinks to be dissolved in water)
  • Magnesium – muscles for fatigue, improved generation and concentration (in the form of tablets, capsules or as ingredients of complex preparation)
  • Potassium – to support the nervous system and work (most often in an improved, encapsulated form or as a multi-ingredient supplement)
  • Vitamin C – protection against free radicals
  • Vitamin D3 – for systemic syndrome
  • Gluko – on a bundle, replenishing supplies, without overloading the system (most often in the form of gels)
  • Beta-alanine – non-protein, the reporting of which relates to the level of carnosine, complex muscle acidification
  • Sodium bicarbonate – an ingredient with buffering properties to improve exercise capacity
  • Methyl Betaine Derivative – Recommended Practice – Practice Technique
  • Caffeine – for better exercise parameters, 70% of fatigue and agitation
  • Collagen (Shape up with hyaluronic acid) – hyaluronic acid in the case of synovial fluid, the growth (preferably in easily digestible collagen hydrolyzate) is in the joints and joints; a cartridge forming an integrated circuit
  • Glucosamine sulfate – for strengthening support; In the case of synovial glucose
  • Chondroitin sulfate – chondroitin is also a component of the synovial fluid


Supplements for cyclists for those that consumers reach for the most. It has got to do with the fact that anyone who connects to these