Thermogenics and slimming products are supplements that stimulate the combustion processes of high-energy compounds, which results in acceleration of metabolism. Products of this type support the loss of unnecessary kilograms. However, it should be remembered that they will not replace regular physical activity and the reduction of calories consumed during the day. Should you use thermogenics to keep an eye on the time of their use?

Weight reduction

Effective loss of unnecessary kilograms should be a process that we end when we achieve the desired weight. Supplementation with thermogenics and slimming products should therefore be part of the reduction stage, which, with proper planning and commitment, should not last forever. The key, of course, is a little bit of consistency to maintain the established regime. It is worth planning the reduction process in advance, determining the optimal pace of losing kilograms on a weekly basis and the final weight. This will help you to easily monitor the progress and possible plan modifications. Losing weight is a challenge for the body, so it should not be treated as a permanent mode of functioning.


Duration of supplementation

How long should thermogenics be used? The simplest answer is: it depends. The type and composition of the product are important, as well as our goals. First of all, you should absolutely follow the dosage recommended by the manufacturer. Consuming more of the supplement will not increase its effectiveness or speed up the weight loss process. In the case of highly effective thermogenics, such as Thermo Shape HYDRO OFF by Activlab, it is recommended that these products are not used for more than 7 days in a row. Supplements with a less intense effect can be taken from a few to several weeks, remembering about an appropriate diet and physical activity.

The ingredient of many slimming products is caffeine, which belongs to a group of substances called stimulants. These substances have a psychoactive effect, stimulating the central nervous system. It is worth remembering that caffeine can be addictive. When using supplements containing caffeine, you should limit the consumption of coffee and energy.