Movement, healthy eating, prevention – these are the key elements that should accompany us throughout our lives. Is it really so?

More and more studies show that regular exercise has a huge (positive!) Impact on the lives of seniors. While physical fitness benefits at all ages, the health benefits enjoyed by able-bodied seniors are more noticeable. Doctors and researchers agree that seniors should stay active for as long as possible, as it will help them lead a longer, healthier and more joyful life!

What does exercise do for the elderly?

They improve balance, give more energy, help prevent and counteract disease (including heart disease, osteoporosis, depression and diabetes), and improve brain function (a study by the Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation has shown that regular exercise reduces the risk of developing the disease Alzheimer’s or dementia by almost 50% [1] ).

Now to the point – what exercises can seniors do?

  1. Nordic walking

Marching with sticks is one of the most frequently chosen activities by seniors. The advantage of this type of training is safety (support), the opportunity to meet other Nordic walking enthusiasts, contact with nature, a sense of fitness and independence. It is also an excellent exercise for the whole body. Age does not matter here, and there is no specific pace of the march (everyone can adjust it to themselves and their abilities). Nordic walking can be practiced all year round, regardless of the weather or pandemic restrictions.

  1. Aqua aerobics

That is, exercises performed in water that do not require swimming skills. During training, seniors can improve their well-being, strengthen individual muscle groups, raise the level of general physical fitness, improve the coordination of movements (by increasing the mobility of peripheral joints) and the spine, increase endurance to exercise, and improve the body’s efficiency. It is worth noting that exercises performed in water are ideal for people suffering from arthritis and other forms of joint pain.

  1. Yoga for seniors

Classes tailored specifically to the possibilities and needs of the elderly. They do not require special skills or impeccable physical condition from exercising. Yoga improves muscle strength, mobility, balance, and flexibility which are key health aspects for seniors.

  1. Exercises with resistance rubbers

This form of training is becoming more and more popular with seniors due to the relatively cheap initial cost. What’s more, training with resistance bands is perfect for home exercises! These exercises not only improve posture, but also joint mobility and flexibility, and strengthen all muscle groups.

  1. Pilates

In pilates exercises, special emphasis is placed on maintaining balance, controlling movements (including continuity and precision) and proper breathing. Pilates helps seniors to strengthen the muscles, increase the flexibility of the body, improve coordination, reduce back pain and joint pain, as well as relax and relax. It is worth mentioning that group Pilates prevents isolation and allows you to make new friends.