Probably everything has been written about testosterone. For the male part of the population, all that is associated with ensuring the right level of this hormone is useful and desirable knowledge. Today, instead of focusing on the role of testosterone in a man’s life, we will tell you about its effective booster and how long you can use DAA.

Rock solid

D-aspartic acid is an endogenous amino acid. Contrary to many proteins, which we write about most often, this compound is not responsible for the structure of proteins – its task is to break down ammonia. It just so happens that by fulfilling its function, DAA also increases testosterone levels, and this in turn brings measurable benefits for guys.

In addition to increasing libido and enhancing erection, DAA helps build muscle mass thanks to the hypertrophy of muscle fibers. Additional benefits of using these types of products include better sleep, which helps in proper regeneration, and increased sperm production, which also becomes more mobile. However, it should be remembered that DAA supplements are intended only for adults. The use of testosterone boosters by teenagers can disrupt the hormonal balance, which is not yet fully formed. 


How long to use?

Research has proven that D-aspartic acid is safe – it is generally not treated as a banned substance in the sports community. There are also no dangerous effects of its use on the body, although it is worth mentioning the possibility of an increase in the level of the prolactin hormone. The recommended daily dose of DAA should be from 1.5 to 6 g, most often broken down into two portions (before training and at bedtime). Supplementation with this type of product is worth implementing in cycles – for 3-4 weeks we take DAA every day, after which we take a break of at least 2-3 weeks.