Do you sometimes go to bed, long minutes or even hours pass, and your eyes are ready to open at any moment? You wake up a few times a night and you can’t fall asleep again, so you roll from side to side in the hope that you will finally get tired enough for your head to give up?

Sleep problems are often a real anguish that affects more and more people. These difficulties affect not only physical but also mental health. Lack of sleep can also cause frequent headaches, decline in form, metabolism disorders (which may result in, among others, weight gain), decreased immunity, irritability or problems with concentration.


The causes of sleep disorders

There are many possible causes of sleep disorders, including: sleep habits, stress, work schedule, lifestyle, age (more common problems especially among older people), jet lag, consuming too much caffeine, frequent urination, overstimulation before bedtime (watching TV, using a phone or tablet), noise, uncomfortable living conditions in the bedroom, restless leg syndrome, and numerous illnesses. Some of the reasons are not serious – they require only minor (but significant) changes, but there are also some that will require specialist advice.


Helpful supplements


Melatonin is a hormone that occurs naturally in the body. Used as a medicine or dietary supplement, it is produced synthetically in a laboratory. Melatonin is most often used as an adjunct to sleep disorders related to the change of time zones, in people working in shifts, as well as in people who have difficulty falling asleep. Already 0.5 mg of melatonin taken before bedtime can bring positive effects.


Ashwagandha, otherwise welcome sluggish, is a plant belonging to the nightshade family. It has already gained popularity in traditional Indian medicine, including the Ayurvedic system. Ashwagandha has been scientifically proven to help with sleep problems. A dose of 300 mg of Ashwagandha root extract used twice a day significantly improves its quality [1] . Ashwagandha is a high-quality preparation that will help improve vitality, strengthen the immune system as well as concentration. This product is especially recommended in times of stress, fatigue and problems with concentration.


Magnesium is an element responsible for many processes taking place in the human body. In the case of its deficiencies, the main symptoms are: problems with concentration, constant fatigue, irritability, trouble sleeping, calf cramps or eyelid twitching. Research shows that an adequate level of magnesium is needed for proper and healthy sleep [2] . Magnesium is also recommended in the states of irritation and fatigue of the body, as well as with increased physical and mental effort.


A product that has a calming effect on the nervous system, alleviates sleep problems and improves sleep quality. It consists of ingredients such as: magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6. Studies show that both zinc and magnesium are effective in the case of difficulty falling asleep [3] . ZMA is also suitable for people who practice various sports intensively.